DIY Knife Kit

DIY Knife Kit


Want to make your very own knife from the comfort of your own home without needing expensive power tools or experience?


This DIY Knife Kit includes everything needed to make your very own knife.

    • Delivery Time

      ​​​​Please note that this is a custom made order so please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. 

    • Kit Inclusions

      • Blade: Already ground and sharpened ready for you to polish
      • Tasmanian Timber Handle: Your pre-selected premium Tasmanian timber ready for you to shape into the handle
      • ​Brass Pins: These are used for attaching the handle to the blade
      • Epoxy Glue: Used to firmly secure the pins and handle to the blade
      • Sandpaper squares: Of various grits so that you can polish the blade and shape the handle
      • ​Sandpaper Block: To wrap the sandpaper around to make sanding easier
      • ​Oil: Used to protect the handle and to bring out the unique grain in the timber
      • ​Cloth: For applying the oil
      • ​Display Foam:  So you can proudly display your knife in the box
      • ​Instructions: Step by step instructions to follow