Why buy a Kirkman Knife?

What makes our knives different from any other knife?

There are a few answers to this question and each is fundamental to a Kirkman Knife.

The first one is sustainability. Each knife is made out of recycled steel. The enviroment is important, thats why the blades of our knives are made out of recycled, metal cutting bandsaw blades. Not many knife makers can claim that their knives are helping the enviroment. As well as recycled steel we use reclaimed timbers making it very sustainable.

Secondly, you will never find two Kirkman Knives knives exactly the same. These knives are not just another factory knife coming off the assembly line looking exactly the same as the one before it. Each knife is hand crafted and individual. Sure some of the knives are the same design but this does not stop them being one of a kind as each knife has an individually selected piece of Tasmanian timber for the handle giving it charater. Whether it be Huon Pine or Sassafrass, Blackwood or Eucalypt Burl, you are sure to find one that grabs your eye and stands out, and it is due to these specialty timbers that you will never find two Kirkman Knives exactly the same.

Design is an intergral part of creating a great knife. Each knife is designed specifically with functionality in mind. If it does not function the way you want it then it will be no good to you that is why each design is focused on functionality. On top of functionality is beauty, a lot of care and attention goes into using the best looking timbers that you would be proud to show off to your friends.

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